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Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We are proud to offer a dining program complete with menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine! Feast your eyes on what we have available! Williams Dining Hall features a wide variety of fresh food designed to satisfy everyone's appetite with food choices to rival your favorite restaurants. Enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining inside our facility. Limited take-out options also pffered.

You now have the ability to enjoy your favorite foods on-the-go with the new Take Out Program. 
1. Swipe in to receive an essentials bag including an entree container, cutlery set, and beverage cup 
2. Take the entree container to one of 3 stations: Entree, Grill or Pizza/Pasta
3. Additional containers are also available upon request: Small clamshell for salads, or food cup with lid to be used for oatmeal, soup, yogurt or fresh fruit
4. Beverage cups can be used for fountain drinks, milk, water, or coffee
5. A separate cup will be provided for smoothies
NOTE: Containers are SINGLE USE ONLY! Refills are prohibited in order to maintain health and safety standards. 

Price at Door:

Breakfast: $6.13

Lunch: $8.18

Dinner: $9.27

Brunch: $8.18